The name "GALION" has been associated with quality in the transportation industry for nearly 140 years, and is credited as an originator of the modern Dump Body nearly 100 years ago. Galion-Godwin is one of the most experienced and well known truck equipment companies in existence today.


We specialize in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality truck equipment such as carbon steel and stainless steel dump bodies which exceed the demands of both public and private industry. Galion-Godwin also manufactures under body hoists.

What's new?

Galion-Godwin introduces the standardization of Zinc thermoset powder coat primer under their already standard black powder coat paint at no additional charge. Starting in April 2012, all Galion-Godwin dump bodies manufactured of carbon steel will receive a highly abrasive and...


Past and Present

Learn about Galion's rich history in the truck equipment market and how the company helped shape the industry from the beginning.


Paint and Primer

Find out how Galion is protecting your investment better than anyone by setting a new standard with thermoset paint and zinc primer.


Where To Buy

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