Paint and Primer

Galion-Godwin Truck Body Company is one of only three dump body manufacturers in the industry that finishes their bodies in thermoset powder coat paint and primer. The other manufacturers are Galion's sister companies Godwin Mfg. and Williamsen-Godwin. Powder coat paint and thermoset powder coat zinc primer are both standard equipment on all Galion carbon steel bodies. When you purchase a Galion dump body, it leaves the facility with a finished coating which has been lab tested and certified by SAE 117-B accelerated salt spray test for no less than 4000 hours using 5% salt solution (ocean water is 3%). Industry standard paint and primer process don't even come close. Powder coating is also superior in abrasion resistances, chemical resistances and chip resistance. Not only is powder coating superior in quality, but it's also safer for the environment. Galion's powder coat paint and primer process produce no VOC's, HAP's and generates no hazardous waste. A zinc primed and powder coated body is a cost effective alternative to stainless and aluminum bodies in environments where corrosion is a major concern. Learn more about Powder Coating and Galion's paint process below.